Q: Is there actual alcohol in it?
A: Yes there is alcohol in it. Between 0.8% and 2.0% ABV.  So it is 21+ Only Per NH and ME State Law. Other NE states have not been researched yet. Unlike some who make beer ice cream and use un-fermented wort or boil it down, we use honest to goodness real Kelsen Brewing, Medal Award Winning Craft Beer!

Q: Why are there no Nutritional Facts on the Label?

A: The FDA provides a Small Business exception for small businesses that produce under 10,000 units per year without a waiver or 100,000 units per year (with less than 10 employees) with an automatic waiver. We are no where close to that and due to the size of the label we have available to us it would never fit. Out of complete transparency we have provided the manufacturer’s fact sheet for the base mix Base_Mix. It is a super premium 14% base mix that is of the highest quality.

Q: I did not get enough/got too much caramel/brownie, etc. . .

A: I am so sorry you were not happy with your pint of happiness. We hand mix and pack each pint so there is some variability in each one. If you are not satisfied, please drop me a line at info@chriswicked.com and I’ll make it right. Your happiness with my product is paramount, I mean I put my name on it.

Q: Where can I get some?

A:  Right now we are local, only available in the Granite State.  We are looking to be in all of New England soon. Local NH locations are slowly rolling out check them out here

Q: Can I sell your products in my store?

A: Absolutely!  Send us an e-mail and we’ll see what we can do if you want to sell our product in your store or ice cream stand.